Monday, July 29, 2013

MSNBC Accusation Causes Call to Boycott Koch Products

Are They Funding Zimmerman Defense?

By Mildred Robertson

There is information circulating which indicates the Koch brothers have financed George Zimmerman’s lawyers and legal fees, an allegation they vehemently deny. What they do not deny, however, is that they are among the architects of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which pushes conservative policy-making across the nation, including gun laws like “Stand Your Ground,” attacks on women’s rights, and assaults on voting rights.
It appears allegations about the connection between the Koch brothers and their possible involvement in the Zimmerman defense were first made on MSNBC. Now there is a push for people to boycott Koch products based on those allegations. People who oppose this injustice, are being asked to ban together with other like-minded people and boycott these Koch products:
·         Angel Soft Toilet Paper
·         Brawny Paper Towels
·         Dixie Plates, Bowls, Napkins and Cups
·         Mardi Gras Napkins and Paper Towels
·         Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
·         Soft & Gentle Toilet paper
·         Sparkle napkins, Paper Towels
·         Vanity Fair Napkins
While I do not know what the truth is at it relates to the Koch brothers financing of George Zimmerman’s legal fees, it appears to me that progressive individuals who believe in justice, equality and fair play should have already been boycotting Koch products.
I appreciate the hoopla, because it has helped me become aware of what those products are, so I can ensure that none of them turn up in my pantry.
Obviously, MSNBC hit a nerve, because the internet is full of messages with the Koch brothers crying foul. That means that this concrete example of why it matters how the Koch brothers use their money may make some people less inclined to give it to them.

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