Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lewinsky Irrelevant to Political Discourse

Monica Lewinsky – Really?

By Mildred Robertson
Okay. I get that keeping the blue dress did not work out like you planned; nor did your little romp under the presidential desk. But do you really think you can be made relevant again because Hillary may run for the White House?
It is sad that Lewinsky can get a spread in a major magazine because at one time she made a horrible mistake and consorted with a married man. It is even sadder that some might consider the ill-conceived affair between Lewinsky and Bill Clinton an issue relevant to whether Hillary Clinton is qualified to be the first female elected to the highest office in the nation.
The affair does not reflect on Hilliary’s character, but that of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky—neither of whom is running for president. While Republican opponents will do their best to make Lewinsky an issue; and she will do her best to become fodder for the nightly news, the affair just doesn’t matter as it relates to presidential politics.
The stakes are too high, and the cause too important to let a “reality TV” mentality dictate the nation’s political debate. The nation is currently emerging from one of the most devastating economic downturns in recent history. Heightened racial tension is supplanting the perceived “post-racial” society that many proclaimed upon Obama’s election.  Scientists are telling us that global warming is not a future threat, but one that we face today. Voting rights are being threatened throughout the South and millions of Americans go to work every day, but still can’t afford adequate food or housing.
So let’s get to the facts. Where does Hillary stand on the minimum wage; job creation, universal healthcare, education, social and racial justice, global warming and international conflicts across the globe?  These are questions that will determine whether she is fit to lead the most powerful nation in the world.
It is too early for me to determine who I will support in the 2016 Presidential election. I do want to determine how the candidate that I support will address issues of national concern. But I can guarantee that a philandering husband will not be among the measures that I use to make my choice.

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LeoneDuke said...

Hillary took much because of Lewinsky. She is a die-hard, I believe that is the way she was raised. I so wish that a strong political moment will ignite the Liberals of be able to over come this upheaval.