Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Donald Trump…Bullying his Way to the White House

By Mildred Robertson

This election season has been nothing, if not entertaining, as we watch Donald Trump bully his way to the White House. It is disturbing to think that such a flawed character could claw his way to the top of the Republican heap, and even more disturbing that the media and, apparently, millions of Americans have allowed him to do so.  His cheap theatrics have made him a media darling and the late night show’s punch line.
That is all well and good if we are talking about the fall television line up.  But folks, we are talking about a clearly troubled personality’s possible ascendance to the highest office in the world. To place the delicate negotiations of U.S. foreign policy, the sensitive issues of personal freedom vs. social good, or the pressing issues of economic stability in the hands of a megalomaniac is unthinkable.

It appears, however, that it is something that every American must think about. Because in November of 2016 a man who has no respect for women, minorities, the poor, and effectually, anyone who is not him, may well take the reins of this great nation and have the opportunity to drive us into the ground.
When we examine this situation, several questions immediately come to mind: How did we get here?  Who is at fault? What can be done about it? And if he wins; “What next.”

Let’s first play the blame game. Clearly, Donald Trump is a creation of the media. It is my belief that he started this journey as a publicity stunt; his goal, to raise his visibility and embellish his brand. But once he began the process and garnered millions in free publicity and an equal number of dissatisfied voters (idiots) who were willing to support him, I believe Trump realized that the presidency might possibly be within his reach. Once having reached that conclusion, he began to make more and more outrageous statements, filling the 24-hour news cycle with Trumpisms. His followers also fed the media machine by being thugs and beating up any who dared to protest Trump’s racist, sexist rants.
Under the guise of journalism, the media hung on his every word, noting that now Trump was the legitimate front-runner in the Republican Primary. Even though the media now timidly accepts its role in Trump’s ascendancy, there is little it can do. The genii always refuses to go back in the bottle.

Well, now that we know how we got here, and who to blame, what can we do to stop Trump’s rise to power. First, Americans are going to have to stop acting like spoiled children who must have their way despite the consequences, and take a good, serious look at our country. Between the gloom and doom the Republicans have been preaching since America elected a black president and the media’s proclivity to only tell the bad news, Americans have come to believe that we are in dire circumstances and about to teeter over the brink of disaster.
The facts simply don’t bear that out.

Under this administration businesses have added 13.7 million new jobs, unemployment has fallen to 5%, and 17.6 million Americans have gained health insurance…all accomplished with a congress that fought these policies tooth and nail[i]. And that’s just a short list of accomplishments.
That is not to say that there are not critical issues that still need to be addressed. But all-in-all, America is on a much more solid footing than when Obama took office 8 years ago.
So be dissatisfied if you must, but also be realistic about the basis of your dissatisfaction. The unease felt by millions of Americans has much more to do with race than it has to do with social, economic and political progress. And that is what Trump is tapping into.

So I challenge Trump supporters to be honest. Are your racist roots so deep that you would allow them to strangle common sense and hand over the White House to a power-crazed despot such as Trump?
As Americans we must stop the name calling, the racist and sexist epithets and concentrate on what it really means to make (keep) America great.  Although the Founding Fathers were also flawed human beings who apparently did not clearly understand the words they penned… “All men (people) are created equal.” We each do have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our country was founded upon the belief that people with differing opinions…lifestyles…life choices…religious beliefs could live together under the rule of law; each maintaining the purity of his or her personhood while supporting our nationhood.

I believe that to be a fact. I implore each American citizen who walks into that ballot box in November to lay aside petty differences and concentrate on what will truly make America strong.  Failure to do so will result in unrest, anarchy, and possibly the demise of our nation as we know it.  This November can mark a beginning, but regrettably, it may also mark the end.
A post Donald Trump America is not one I wish to envision, much less experience.



Thursday, March 3, 2016

American Dream Hijacked by Hatred

By Mildred Robertson

I am undone by the times in which we live.
The other day as I lay on a massage table the Masseuse said the muscles in my back were extraordinarily tight, and asked me what the source of my stress was.  I chuckled to myself as I thought about my life and the times we live in.

I thought about my inbox full of political campaign propaganda, all asserting that their respective candidate is the answer to my prayers.  None of them are.
I thought about the nightly news and the ridiculous Republican campaign that is so absurd it would be practically laughable, were it not so frightening.

I thought about a Facebook post that compared the vitriolic Hitler with Republic front-runner Donald Trump. I shuddered at the comparison because it rang true. It occurred to me that this man, like Hitler may rise to power, fueled by blind hatred and misdirected anger; a hatred and anger that will surely result in the downfall of our nation if it is allowed to run rampant.
I am undone by the times in which we live.

It appears to me that the entire nation is red-faced and belligerent, just like Donald Trump. That is why he has been able to gain traction, because so many look in his face and see themselves…even though the majority of Americans are nothing like Trump…except for the hate.
America hated the Indians. Their sin…they stood between the European immigrants and the land that they wanted to claim as their own.

America hated the African. Why… to justify the injustice done to that mighty race by snatching its future from its shores, raping its women, emasculating its men, destroying its family structure, obliterating its culture, denying its humanity and building an empire upon the back of its labor.

America hated the Hispanics.  Why…because they came and worked jobs Americans would not, took pay that Americans refused, and then had the audacity to attempt to reap the benefits of their labor by becoming a part of the American society.
I am dismayed that a performance by Beyonce elicits a nationwide backlash, but what appears to be the lifeless body of Sandra Bland hanging in a jail cell is not cause for alarm.

Our nation has been hijacked, not by Blacks, or Hispanics or any other minority, but by a group of unthinking, racist, self-centered and miserable human beings who believe that the bounty this land has to offer is not enough to go around. We are being held hostage by a small group of powerful men who are manipulating the mindless masses to destroy opportunity for all except for the few of them. And the masses do not even know that they will be left standing outside the gate with the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians and all others not born to privilege and wealth. You cannot reason with a man who has no reason.

And so, I am stressed. I do not see an answer. I am undone by the times in which we live.