Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Excesses

Super Bowl Excesses Demonstrates Nation's Misaligned Priorities
By Mildred Robertson
Before I start my rant about Super Bowl excesses, let me give full disclosure. I am not an avid sports fan. My brother was a jock, and my father was an enthusiast, and, back in the day, there was only one TV in the house…you get my drift. Sports all day, every day.
So it is not unusual that, when given access to four televisions in my home, not one is tuned to an athletic channel. So much for the entertainment desert that was my youth.

Even if I had not been sports traumatized as a youth, I nevertheless would be appalled at the Super Bowl fervor that engulfs our nation every year. At first it was just the advertising budget.
I get that Super Bowl exposure can launch a company into the stratosphere, but millions being spent on 60 second spots, no matter how dramatic or star-studded, just seems ridiculous to me.  Call me crazy, but Beyonce’s butt, or Bieber’s chest don’t’ figure into my decision to buy one product or another.

Then there is the price of the tickets. That someone would pay upwards of $5000 to $10,000 for a weekend of entertainment is patently ludicrous. Particularly in light of some of the social challenges our world faces.
If everyone caught up in this Super Bowl fervor were to expend just $1 in a collective fund, how many hungry children could we feed or clothed; how many homeless might we house; how many underprivileged kids could we send to college? How many Flint Michigan residents could we give water filtration systems?  I am a humanities major…someone do the math.

I am not knocking football, sports or entertainment. I just think we have our priorities mixed up when we choose to expend so much of our resources on so frivolous a pursuit when there are so many pressing social and domestic challenges that go sorely underfunded.
Watch the Super Bowl. Enjoy the half-time activities. Wear your favorite team colors. Eat, drink and be merry. There is nothing wrong with that.

My question is this…can you bring that same kind of passion to everyday situations that require our attention?  Can you justify funding infrastructure or healthcare, or college tuition like you justify paying $5000 for one Super Bowl seat?
Just know that, where we lay our treasure…that is where our heart lies.